Overcoats - crafted for relaxed individuality

bugatti cuts to the chase with fashion: short, neat, casual, of course and also with love in the detail; these are the overcoats for the coming summer. And they score by understatement; their opulent looks are not obvious at first glance.  He can be sure of one thing: making a relaxed entrance in the now style. Men can also express their individuality. The diversity of the collection offers all sorts of possibilities for underscoring personal style.


For the fabrics alone the bandwidth  ranges from cotton to Shape Memory and on to more functional qualities. And small patterns and the washed look, structured and unstructured create variety in outer fabrics. As well as the single-layer versions, the double-layer raglan trench coat is making a comeback. The new four-pocket-overcoat is a trendy head-turner.


Absolutely bugatti: The design is right. And the comfort is right. All the styles for the coming season are the ideal weight – their lightness always gives them the advantage. Men do not have to sacrifice comfort for a modern cut. His life is made easier by the practical detailing on the functional styles. The star of this section is a Shape Memory quality with a special characteristic. The insertion of the finest yarns makes it naturally wind proof and waterproof. The super-light city styles made from wind stopper fabric are also right up there at the top.


bugatti - RELAX. You're dressed.